Background this study was the importance of the external Public is a major factor which is important, obviously, is progressing and the withdrawal of a company specified by the customer or the public. The pattern of partnerships in Forestry Department started since year 2001 based on the decision letter of the Board of Trustees Perhutani No. 136 of the year 2001 of a joint forest management community. The investor is the most important external public because investors became the biggest revenue or income for the Perhutani. The methods used in this research is qualitative research methods with the design of the study cases. Because the purpose of this research is to understand the object examined in depth, outlines, describe and interpret comprehensively about various aspects of individuals that represent a company are in the scope of the problems examined. The concept used in this study is Ekternal Relations and Investor Relations how the Perhutani Regional Division of West Java and Banten in serving the interests of a wide range of External public groups especially in working together manage forest products or make use of the empty forest land. Therefore, public relations plays an important role in living a good relationship between the company with investors. This research aims to find out how to program Publicist in fostering good relations with the Public, especially in External relations well with investors.