The purpose of this research is to find out how the implementation of actuating function in the effort of fostering tahfidz in Pesantren Bina Insan Mulia Al-Mawahib. The method used in this research is descriptive method. The data collection technique is through obsevation, interview and documentation study. From this research, it is found that actuating process conducted by Pesantren Bina Insan Mulia Al Mawahib: that is holding recruitment of santri before entering pesantren, implementation of coordination, mobilization and resource allocation, giving motivation, addition of rote, division of tahfidz santri group, giving sanction for santri who do not reach the target, the targeting of memorization, the supervision of tahfidz development, the tahfidz superior program in pesantren, the determination of the target number of memorization in every semester, the supervision of the tahfidz coach towards the students and the development of tahfidz's guidance to the students, the excellent program in memorizing the Quran. the existence of constraints tahfidz builder, supporting factors or supporting santri in memorizing the Quran. Further Efforts made in Pesantren Bina Insan Mulia Al Mawahib in coaching tahfidz against santri for the implementation of tahfidz coaching goes well. The effort always strives to foster tahfidz while maintaining the quality and quantity as well as the method of fostering tahfidz such as (1) Ngaji together, (2) sualan, (3) sima'an (4) tasmi and (5)talaqqi.